Storm Water Pump Skids

Reliable storm water management is becoming critical to prevent the occurrence of flooding resulting from storms and increasing climate change impacts on communities. Storm water pump stations are one of the solutions to help small municipalities and towns reduce the potential of flooding, erosion, and property damage.

In the USA, the management of storm water is overseen by the national pollutant discharge elimination system (NPDES). In Canada, the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) sets out similar regulations. Municipalities need to provide regulatory compliance to avoid fines associated with the release of damaging amounts of storm water. Part of this compliance program requires municipalities to have operation and maintenance (O&M) schedules.

Recently people have realized the potential of storm water harvesting for a variety of applications, such as reducing the demand on drinking water systems, reusing collected water for plants, in new developments, and for irrigation.

Aslan Technologies selects reliable pumps and designs robust stations to ensure a secure operation. Pump selection revolves around many factors such as the nature of the storm water desired flow rate. They can be integrated into new or existing water or wastewater plants or designed as standalone stations with standby generators and local or remote data logging that is all connected with either a land line, cell phone, or satellite based alarm stations.

The systems are designed with proper pre-filtration components to ensure solids and sediments such as sand, silt, and soil do not get caught in the pumps. They also are capable of accommodating large inflow fluctuation over short periods of time.

Any type of storm water management pumps can be provided such as grinder, submersible, trash or self-priming. A few examples of manufacturers that we use are ITT Flygt, Myers, Goulds, Layne, and Gorman Rupp.

Aslan also supplies booster, sanitary, and storm water pump stations for municipalities and private developers.

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