Liquid Polymer Feeders

Aslan’s liquid feed systems are used in water treatment applications. Both batch and continuous feed options are available based on the required control and the system design.

Aslan’s LFC Series of continuous polymer systems present complete solutions to neat liquid polymer make-down. The process sets up a high concentration of polymer that allows for a greater holdup of aged product, which results in floor space saving as less water is stored. The systems are designed to run unattended between fillings of the polymer tote.

In the Batch Feed systems, the selected chemicals are fed using a chemical feed pump or by discharge from a calibrated vessel in proportion to the feed according to the volume being treated.

Our Liquid feed systems are robust, simple, and versatile and come complete with stainless steel frame construction for long-lasting and reliable operation. They are equipped with PLC controls and are easy to set up and operate.

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