Chemical Injection

Aslan Technologies offers metering pumps and integrated systems for pH adjustment, chemical or polymer feed, and chemical make-down systems. We provide both liquid and dry chemical feeders. In addition, we offer control capabilities designed to meet the water, wastewater treatment and purification needs of many industrial and municipal applications.

  • Our pH control systems precisely dose chemicals to the process fluid, easily adjusting pH to any desired level.
  • Our liquid feed chemical dosing systems are ideal for controlling residual disinfectants, pH, and conductivity in water treatment applications.
  • Our dry feed systems are designed to work volumetrically, gravimetrically, or through dissolving. They are commonly used in water treatment and water conditioning applications, where alum, lime, and soda ash are typically fed as dry materials.
  • Our turnkey systems are completely automated and mounted on skids or enclosed on trailers or in containers. These modulated systems are ideal for remote applications such as in mining, food, oil and gas, and many more.

Standard, pre-engineered, and customized systems are available. With a “plug-and-play” approach, we offer systems that are easy to install, commission, operate, and maintain.

Examples of our chemical injection systems are pH Adjustment, Dry Polymer Feeders, Liquid Polymer Feeders, and Chemical Metering and Transfer packages.

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