Booster Pump Skids

Aslan Technologies can help select booster pumps or re-pressurization pumps as well as design entire pump skid systems built around the desired flow rates.

Booster pumps are typically additional pumping systems, remotely located from the main pump stations, that are used to increase pressure to handle peak flows in a distribution system. They are most often used when pressure and flow are not enough for the process.

Some aging municipal infrastructures require pumping systems to match incoming pressures that they can no longer handle. Booster pump skids provide a simple and affordable upgrade to meet these demands. Low water pressure issues due to pipe leakages can be temporarily addressed with a booster pump, until the pipe gets repaired. Irrigation systems with large sprinkler installations and multiple heads as well as the ones using rainwater can often use booster pumps to achieve necessary flow.

Aslan has added these types of re-pressurization pumps to custom designed skids. Choice of a booster pump involves many considerations such as matching the head and GPM requirements to the supply, power consumption, noise of the pump (depending on the location), and provisions for anti-cycling and soft start methods to protect the life of the pump. If there are chemical applications, special seals (Viton, Kalres, and Teflon O-Rings and seals) may be required to handle the materials being pumped.

Aslan uses different manufacturers such as Grundfos, Myers, G&L, and can integrate your skid into a larger SCADA or building control system.

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