Drinking Water Treatment & Purification

Aslan Technologies has built systems that produce drinking water for municipalities, communities, camps, embassies, and government buildings across the globe. In every instance, we have met or exceeded the required standards for drinking water quality set by local governments or the World Health Organisation, depending on the region.

Our integrated solutions are capable of treating groundwater, surface water from lakes and rivers, and even seawater. Eliminating suspended solids, microorganisms, organics, and inorganics such as nitrate, fluoride, lead, and arsenic are easily accomplished by Aslan’s systems.

In addition to our permanent solutions, we also produce a system that supplies pure water in 1.5 liter bags for remote communities that do not have access to clean water. We also supply emergency relief organizations with pure water bagging systems that are ideal for natural disaster areas.

Our drinking water systems come in small portable boxes, mounted on skids, in containers, or on trailers. To ease operation and maintenance difficulties, we design each system to meet delivery requirement, space restrictions, and work within the specific geographical location.