Aslan Technologies Inc. offers standard and custom engineered water treatment and purification solutions to suit our customers’ requirements.

Drinking Water Treatment

Integrated solutions for removing contaminants to produce pure drinking water free from chemicals, Nitrate, Fluoride and other harmful organic and inorganic materials, available in many forms from portable packages to permanent plants.

Process & Wastewater Treatment

Engineered solutions for process water and wastewater treatment as well as recycling systems for discharge to sensitive environments or reuse; all custom designed based on the customer’s requirements.


Standard and customized desalination solutions for seawater and industrial applications, as well as for emergency relief and remote drinking water services.

Inorganics Precipitation

Innovative solutions for the removal of inorganics such as salts, nutrients, and heavy metals for wastewater treatment applications, drinking water purification, and infrastructure protection.

Sewage Treatment & Resource Recovery

Integrated, decentralized, and communal solutions for transfer and treatment of domestic sewage in small municipalities and communities for discharge and reuse.

Chemical Feed & Injection

Compact, automated and pre-packaged solutions providing safe and reliable operation of polymer metering, solution mixing, and chemical feed and make-down systems for water and wastewater treatment applications.

What Sets Aslan Apart?

Our energy smart systems meet short and long term process improvements, water and energy savings, and sustainable economic growth goals of industries and municipalities. Through continuous innovation, we help municipalities to achieve their climate change objectives for sustainable developments and smart investments.

We are committed to setting communities up for success. Collaboration with each community ensures we meet their unique needs and implement the appropriate water and energy management and conservation plans using our decentralized and distributed water and sewage treatment systems.

Also, with an eye to the future, Aslan works closely with consultants, engineers, and technical departments to engage with communities to create preparedness plans to address climate change related issues such as flooding caused by catastrophic storms. Onsite treatments minimize moving water and wastewater and therefore reduces energy consumption and Greenhouse gas emissions.

Fully automated equipment with integrated PLC monitoring and control systems that increase efficiency, track critical data, and consistently monitor operation and maintenance for better performance.


Our capabilities in industrial system design and manufacturing range from small packages to large industrial equipment for source, process and wastewater treatment, purification, and reuse.


Our onsite and packaged treatment plants can scale to serve small communities, temporary settlements, construction and work camps, and emergency relief campaigns.


We offer complete onsite construction services and pumping stations to implement source water treatment, drinking water purification, and sewage treatment and reuse.