Small Communities

Our decentralized, communal, and packaged plants offer customizable drinking water and sewage treatment options for every situation. Many small municipalities, developers, and communities have utilized our systems while building new plants as well as when upgrading or expanding existing systems.

Pumping stations and simple treatment systems as well as sophisticated UF, RO, Membrane Bioreactors, and Sequencing Batch Reactors are examples of technologies that have been implemented by us for our clients. We take into account site specifications, budgets, timelines, and water quality requirements, so that the best method of treatment is always selected. Integrated HMIs and control systems make our systems practical for small and remote communities through minimizing in-person operator involvement.

We go beyond simply treating water and wastewater. Why discharge treated wastewater to a watershed or sub-surface dispersion field when it could be used to irrigate common areas or residential properties? We help communities develop sustainable practices that fit with their lives.

Some of our solutions are:

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