Municipal & Communities

Across North America and other jurisdictions, there are countless settings where access to water and wastewater treatment facilities is impossible. Unbiased, cost effective, and innovative solutions are the key. From small communities to campgrounds to golf courses, Aslan Technologies has taken on the challenge of creating the perfect solution for every situation.

Parameters such as geography, accessibility, and climate guide development while operation, maintenance, and training shape design. Considering every factor ensures stable water and wastewater services for the lifetime of the system.

Aslan Technologies integrated solutions address the needs of different clients. Some situations require durable, decentralized systems representing long-term investment for a community. Aslan’s integrated systems and services including the civil and site construction are available for these projects. Others may desire temporary and modularized systems for short term applications. in these conditions, we provide packaged plants, when no civil work is practical or required for temporary projects or remote accommodations. Whatever the case, we can provide the solution.

Working closely with communities, governments, consultants, and developers helps us avoid the “big pipe approach”. Through smart investment, we can put in place cost effective systems that serve the community as a whole. We work towards sustainable development by providing clean, low impact systems with resource management programs– such as reusing treated wastewater for irrigation. Our products help communities and businesses save water, energy, and money. It all starts with the right process and system.

Small Communities

Our systems are designed and constructed on site, or pre-packaged, for small municipalities, developments, and off-grid communities. These require only minimal operator oversight and maintenance, and can be monitored remotely.

Golf Course Redevelopments

Our innovative on-site water and sweage treatment solutions for Golf Course Redevelopments provide outstanding sustainability. By reusing and reclaiming water used around the facility, water consumption is drastically reduced as well as saving the facility money.

Remote Communities

First Nations, military camps, construction sites, mining, and oil and gas sites, all benefit from our compact, packaged plants both for drinking water and sewage treatment.

Resorts & Hotels

Our decentralized and packaged plant solutions have been used by many ski and vacation resorts, trailer parks, and hotels for both drinking water and sewage treatment.

Roadside Rest Stations

Reliable and operator free, our systems are ideal for Roadside Rest areas, Conservation areas, and Trailer Parks, and can accommodate high peak volumes when needed.