Serving Solutions to Three Key Markets

Aslan Technologies provides sustainable and integrated potable water, process water, wastewater, and sewage treatment equipment, all supported by a complete line of chemical make-down, metering and injection systems for water purification and reuse. Both our standard and customized solutions come complete with a variety of enclosure options as well as sophisticated automation and control systems.


Serving the Industrial sector since 1992, we offer chemical injection systems as well as process water and wastewater solutions for treatment and reuse purposes. Our systems help eliminate wastewater generation for sustainable management of valuable resources.

Municipal & Communities

Empowering small municipalities and communities with our decentralized, communal, and onsite solutions. Our customized and scalable systems help developments and communities overcome barriers such as geographical location, accessibility, climate conditions, operation and maintenance, and financing.

Government & NGOs

Our innovative, prepackaged solutions are skid mounted or come complete in containers or trailers and are ideal for military and government relief operations, remote camps, and temporary housing.