Pulp & Paper

Aslan’s innovative processes and technologies have been addressing water treatment and sludge management challenges faced by pulp and paper operations through providing economical solutions for recycling waste streams.

Reuse of process water and wastewater for cooling and boiler feed is possible through using chemical processing and membrane technologies to purify the water. Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, and Nanofiltration have been some of the most effective technologies that Aslan has utilized in the Pulp and Paper industry. The treatment of water to a level where it could go back to the process again enables the production plants to reduce costs and recover excess pulp fibers that have escaped during the process.

Significant costs related to sludge management is a challenge for every pulp and paper company. Inadequate treatment of sludge consisting of wood processing residuals, boiler and furnace ash, scrubber sludge, and other solids lead to high maintenance costs and downtime caused by frequent plugging and backwashing. Aslan’s chemical processing systems and our choice of chemicals make recycling effective and desirable.

Some of our solutions are:

  • Coagulation chemical metering equipment
  • Flocculation equipment including dry powder dry polymer makedown systems
  • Neat Polymer make down and dilution systems
  • ASA wet strength (sizing) emulsion equipment
  • Polymer metering dilution and injection equipment