Power Generation

The power industry depends heavily on reliable water supply. Aslan Technologies has been developing and implementing many different types of technologies that supply water and treat or recycle wastewater to address this demand. One key area has been cooling tower blowdown, which represents the largest use of water in the power generation industry. Cost effective and advanced systems enable more efficient treatment and improves water recovery and reuse. The treatment process design depends on water sources, the type of fuel used, and environmental regulations along with other project specific parameters.

Some of the processes and solutions utilized by Aslan are chemical conditioning of process water and cooling tower make-up water treatment. Treatment of condensate and purge waters for boiler feed water and steam generators along with general wastewater treatment (e.g. from flue-gas desulfurization and heavy metal removal) and disinfection are also solutions for addressing the needs of the power industry.

Some of our solutions are:

  • High purity boiler makeup water
  • Cooling tower recirculation filtration and submicron filtration
  • Cooling tower chemical feed systems including corrosion inhibitor
  • Water softening
  • Chemical feed systems
  • Makeup water submicron filtration to combat boiler sludge