Metals continues to be incredibly important throughout every industry. As demand continues to increase, meeting stiff regulations becomes harder. Improving the effectiveness of water management and treatment is critical and Aslan Technologies provides integrated solutions to address different needs.

Smart energy systems are vital for meeting regulatory requirements. Minimizing complexity of operation and maintenance are necessary for reducing costs. Treatment systems are critical for every mine as the volume of water required to be managed is huge. Designing robust and cost-effective systems that meet every standard is always our goal.

Aslan Technologies’ systems have treated millions of liters of mining wastewater to acceptable conditions for discharging to rivers and environmentally sensitive areas. Our customized systems can be modular, prepackaged, skid mounted, or containerized as per sites requirements.

Some of our solutions are:

  • Anti dusting foam agents for bulk conveyor systems
  • Anti freezing application to transport vehicles
  • Chemical feed for tailings water discharge filtration