Food & Beverage

The production, processing, and packaging of food and beverages requires large amounts of highly purified water. Saving money comes with treating source water used as ingredient and treatment, purification and reuse of process water that reduces the generation of wastewater that must be trucked off site for treatment. Wastewater from the process often contain ingredients that should not be thrown away as they are perfectly capable of being retrieved with the suitable system in place.

Large volume of fruit and vegetable wash water is often a challenge as well as water containing cleaning agent or chemicals used for boiling and cooling purposes.

High concentration of salt may require to be desalinated while high levels of sugar and organics need to be digested and removed to bring the water back to process for reuse with drinking quality standards. Pre-treatment, solids removal, and organics and inorganics removal can be all done by series of filtration processes including sediment filters, chemical injections systems and membrane filtration.

Understanding budgetary requirements and limitations faced by food and beverage plants is the key to creating the perfect treatment process. Aslan has helped many production facilities with process improvement for better characterization of their process and wastewater as well as implementing systems to address a variety of issues. Aslan’s pH adjustment, chemical processing, and membrane filtration as well as polishing and disinfection packages have been applied to many food and beverage applications, helping these facilities become more sustainable, generate less waste, and increase profit.

Some of our solutions are:

  • Source water filtration for beverage production
  • Disinfection via Chlorine, Ozone Ultraviolet radiation, etc.
  • By-product removal with carbon adsorption
  • Taste and odour control with carbon adsorption
  • Effluent wastewater PH correction systems
  • Wastewater Flocculation’s and filtration systems
  • Rendering plant wastewater flocculation dry polymer systems and metering pumps