The bulk of water usage in automotive manufacturing comes from painting and water-borne E-Coat paint process. These processes generate problematic wastewater as it contains high levels of zinc (Zn), nickel (Ni) and phosphorous (P). Most auto plants have created a closed-loop that has significantly reduced the amount of water used per car resulted from the e-coat overflows of the rinse water; however, the wastewater still needs to be treated for discharge or reuse.

A chemical treatment process consisting of pH adjustment, coagulation, and flocculation can enhance settling of e-coat process solids. Using ultrafiltration and other membrane based system, dissolved heavy metals can be removed and water can be put back in the process for effective reuse, saving money and energy. Significant in reduction of energy consumption, waste generation, and disposal shrinks a company’s carbon footprint and improves production efficiency. Water costs includes the purchase price, handling, heating, holding, treating, and discharging, all which can be minimized by treating water onsite.

Aslan Technologies has provided different solutions to large Automotive manufacturing plants and parts suppliers such as GM, Chrysler, and Magna.

Some of our solutions are:

  • Wastewater flocculation polymer make-down and metering equipment
  • Wastewater Reverse Osmosis system for reducing waste volumes
  • High purity rinse water using Reverse Osmosis system