Our robust industrial solutions are designed to accommodate variable flows and influent concentrations for the production of required effluent quality with minimum operational and maintenance complexities. Our solutions are customizable and always designed to the specifications of the applications.

Designed to operate with low energy requirements, our systems can help customers meet their sustainability goals through treatment, purification, reuse, and recovery of water.

We start simple, working with clients to design their systems through basic sketches, then add the details as we bring the system to life in AutoCAD and SolidWorks. Our digitized concepts are used to guide the manufacture of all our innovative technologies, while always taking into account the budgetary, regulatory, time, space, and technological requirements of each projects.


For over two decades, Aslan Technologies’ chemical feed equipment have been the premier choice in the industry.

Pulp & Paper

With innovative processes and technologies, Aslan provides viable solutions for recycling wastewater, saving raw material costs as well reducing water use.


Our modular, prepackaged, skid mounted or containerized systems have treated millions of liters of mining wastewater effluents.


Aslan Technologies has provided different solutions to large automotive manufacturing plants and parts suppliers such as GM, Chrysler and Magna.

Oil & Gas

For over 20 years, we have provided countless solutions to the oil and gas industry, allowing projects to be sustainable both environmentally and economically.

Food & Beverage

Aslan has helped many Food and Beverage facilities to be more sustainable, generate less waste, and be more profitable.

Power Generation

We have been providing technologies to the power industry to supply water and treat or recycle wastewater, for over twenty years.


Out solutions have been utilized for many years for the treatment of organic and inorganic contaminants, and wastewater in both new and old landfill sites.


Our innovative technologies such as Ion exchange, RO, and membrane systems, provide high-quality water that is reliable and economical for production processes.