Government & NGOs

Historically, location was a critical factor when it came to water and wastewater treatment. Permanent installations near sources of water of a certain quality were the prerequisites for drinking water. Now that has changed. Our fixed and mobile packaged treatment are capable of being placed nearly anywhere in the world. Containers and trailers are retrofitted with the best systems for both drinking water and wastewater treatment.

Aslan’s systems have been employed by many remote military camps and defense industries when accessibility, climate, and geography are too extreme for classic treatment plants. Many government and non- government organizations have utilized our innovative pure water bagging system in the event of natural disasters to service the public through supplying reliable drinking water quickly. Government utilities and embassies have installed our water purification drinking water systems to protect staff and ensure consistent supply of clean drinking water depending on the region of operation.

Military & Defense Industry

Aslan Technologies provides pre-packaged systems that are permanent or mobile, large or small, allowing a site to self sustain drinking water supply and sewage treatment.

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

Working with non-government organizations and humanitarian agencies our emergency relief systems have helped save lives around the globe.

Government Utilities & Embassies

We have supplied complete water purification and drinking water treatment systems that ensure supply of safe drinking water regardless of location or climate.