ONEIA Environment Industry Day

Aslan Technologies works closely with Ontario Environment Industry Association to help grow the cleantech manufacturing industry, create more jobs and accelerate innovation in water and energy sector in Ontario to lead global efforts through technological innovation and export. 

Aslan Technologies participated in a panel discussion during ONEIA’s Environment Industry day at Queens Park on October 25th. Industry executives, public policy experts and others led a discussion on the challenges facing environment and cleantech firms. Ontario environmental and cleantech firms are significant job creators in the province and have the potential to grow further and thrive. In order to encourage this growth, we need to continue recognizing the job creation landscape and the factors that are holding them back. The questions explored on the panel were: What can we do to make growth – and job creation – easier for our companies? What have successful firms done to grow in the best possible way – and is there a role for government to help in this area?

For more information, please check ONEIA’s website.