Aslan Technologies and AVL Manufacturing partner to bring innovation to emergency relief and community services.

Through a partnership with AVL Manufacturing, in our 100,000 sq ft plus of manufacturing space, our ONE POWER- PUREPAC mobile water purification and water packaging system has been providing communities impacted by natural disasters with the highest quality of potable water.

The PUREPAC series of products have empowered military troops and NGOs, such as emergency relief teams, with the right tools to service communities in need of clean water.

Our modular and mobile purification systems have purified drinking water from different sources such as rivers, lakes and even city water in areas with high Nitrate, Fluoride, Lead, and other contaminants.

As a “First Response Water System”, these packages are fully equipped with bagging systems and sophisticated automation to purify and supply up to nine hundred 1.5 litre bags per hour.

PURPAC products using ONEPOWER are integrated within a standard ISO container or mobile trailer enclosure. The ONEPOWER’s a single on-board Genset which energizes all equipment PODs. The single Genset works at higher rated load efficiency, due to the power requirements of all PODs in operation.

All PODs are tethered to the container or trailer for power, and can operate internally or externally up to 150’ away. In addition, an on-board variable voltage distribution board may be used for operating external power equipment, such as tools and lighting. The ONEPOWER system is scalable in order to meet on-site demands for equipment and auxiliary power. The interchangeable and customized equipment PODs provide the end user with the flexibility to re-configure and re-purpose ONEPOWER for a new task when required.