We have expanded our office and production facility

Aslan now has an additional location at 2270 Industrial Street in Burlington, Ontario.

This new location adds an additional 20,000 square feet of offices and manufacturing space. The increased production capacity ensures our clients continue to receive fabrication and private labeling services for their modular, integrated and packaged water and wastewater systems and chemical equipment.

Increased production space will allow Aslan to engage in more piloting and R&D for customized solutions as we continue our tradition of successful partnerships with innovative technology developers, academia, government and innovations centres.

In partnership with various organizations, we are developing cost effective and resilient infrastructures to address climate change and public health issues related to safe drinking water, decentralized water, wastewater and sewage treatment for utilities, industrial and manufacturing sites and commercial areas. Our predesigned and prepackaged equipment combined with automation services and monitoring of contaminants of concern offer added value for our industry partners. These innovation solutions allow for with quick deployment of systems, reduced life cycle costs and minimum operation and maintenance complexities to manage risk and enable economic development of communities and industries.

Aslan’s expansion has added new jobs in skilled trades in addition to more on-site construction and site servicing.

Virtual tours are available prior to the fabrication of your equipment.  Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.