About Us

Aslan Technologies, established in 1992, is a global design and manufacturing company located in Burlington, Ontario, the Silicon Valley for cleantech solutions.

Aslan offers innovation in water and energy management through sustainable manufacturing, integrated fabrication services and private labeling in partnership with investors and leading technology developers in different industrial sectors, academic institutions and research centres.

Aslan applies three decades of experience in the provision of turn-key and customized solutions in drinking water, wastewater, and sewage treatment that serve small municipalities, remote communities, rural areas, low impact developments, and workforce housings and construction camps. Our packaged chemical equipment and water purification and reuse systems have been installed in numerous industrial sites and manufacturing plants. All of these solutions are designed to be unattended and automated with digitization features to provide services to sites and settings where there is little or no existing infrastructure in both developed and emerging markets.

Aslan prioritizes research and development to keep our products cutting edge. This philosophy of finding innovative solutions, coupled with the integration of design, manufacturing, and product management accounts for Aslan’s international success and stellar reputation with over 3000 system installations around the world in more than 25 countries.

A vertically integrated manufacturing facility and comprehensive product design solutions, supported by an experienced team, allows us to solve problems within our clients’ budgets and on time as we continue to INNOVATE, DESIGN, BUILD.

Business Excellence Award

Our Team

With diverse backgrounds, knowledge and skills, our passionate and dedicated staff strive to meet the company’s goals while maintaining a positive, safe and enjoyable engineering and manufacturing work environment.

Our Mission

To enable the most innovation in cleantech sector with the highest valued water and energy solutions and equipment.

Our Culture

Our culture is built on integrity, commitment, innovation, safety, and strength of our team!

Our Vision

Leading global efforts in the development of sustainable industries and communities, by defining new norms and standards with our innovative and smart water and energy management solutions.